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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Announcing the Kim Libby RevolOceanary Award!

A year ago today, Kim Libby went off to the fishing grounds in the sky. I miss her spirit, spunk, wisdom, and tenaciousness terribly. Kim left an indelible impression on those who met her, and this world in general. Her activism and can-do attitude brought much to the work to protect the ocean, commercial fisheries, and small and medium scale fishing communities. Was it not for Kim, the now burgeoning Community Supported Fishery (CSF) movement would not have even gotten off the ground. Now we are planning for the second CSF Summit next month. She'd be proud!
We want to remember Kim and her contributions to our work and our lives. On this anniversary of her passing, we are launching the first Kim Libby RevolOceanary Award that will be given to someone who, like Kim, is working to undo injustice on the water and in our seafood system through activism, creativity, and love for their community.

I spoke to Kim’s husband Gary about this. He is excited about this award and believed Kim would really like the idea. Personally, I can hear Kim’s voice clearly, laughing joyously about this award in her honor! Gary will be helping us determine who will get the award.

The first recipient will be announced at our next Rock the Boat event, date and place to be announced later this year. So stay tuned.

The award will include a sum of money, the amount to be determined based on your generous donations. If you’d like to contribute to this award, please visit our donation page and pick the “Kim Libby RevolOceanary Award” from the drop down menu (you will find it right below the payment options section).

Thank you, Kim, for all you did before you left us. We’ll do our best to carry on your spirit by supporting those who share your vision and approach to making the world better for the fish, fishing communities, the fishermen, and those of us who benefit from their labor.

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