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Monday, November 9, 2015

On #GivingTuesday, make a difference one Seafood Throwdown at a Time!

This blog comes from Cynthia Bush, NAMA's finance and administrative coordinator and program associate. Cynthia organizes our Seafood Throwdowns.

Join NAMA for this 24 hour #GivingTuesday Campaign on December 1st 2015 and make a difference, one #Seafood Throwdown at a time!

This #GivingTuesday campaign is a crucial piece that would allow us to continue our outreach through our Seafood Throwdown Events.  

Come join NAMA and help in raising $10,000 in our promise to carry on Seafood Throwdowns and reach 500,000 more people this upcoming 2016 season!  This dynamite event called the Seafood Throwdown brings us into so many different communities reaching diverse audiences creating an outreach that is explosive! 

A Seafood Throwdown is a friendly cooking competition; the players in this event are two local chefs, one local mystery fish, one local emcee, three judges (picked from community) and the audience.  They all come together to learn about the secret ingredient The Mystery Fish, watch the cooking show, and end up learning about the threats to our ocean and our fisheries, finding real tangible ways to do something about it.  Truly making a difference, one Seafood Throwdown Event at a time!

Please give to our Seafood Throwdowns so we can continue our road trip to communities everywhere, strengthening our networks and building new relationships with the people. We can’t get there without you… let’s do this together and keep spreading the word!

Callie Crossley and Laurie Lufkin co-emceeing the 2010 Boston Local Food Festival Seafood Throwdown
Please partner with us in reaching our goal of $10,000 and exciting 500,000 more people that will stand up with us. Without your help we can’t be in as many communities as we are invited. You can make it happen!

Making a difference, one Seafood Throwdown at a time!

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